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General questions
What is Palace Drop?
Palace Drop ( is the community for Palace Skateboards. People who love Palace Skateboards use Palace Drop to keep track of all release information, including drop times, droplist items, price estimations, items voting and color votings, restock monitors, sellout times, left to drop items of the season, etc.
Do you have an app?
Not yet, but we are working on it.
About Palace Releases
Which time are the online drops?
Online drops are always:

- UK & EU: 11:00AM GMT Every Friday

- US: 11:00AM EST 8:00AM PST Every Friday

- Japan: 11:00AM JST Every Saturday
Which items are dropping this week?
At the beginning of every season, Palace will introduce most of the regular items that will be released during the season. They can be found on the "Range" section on Palace Skateboards official website.

About 2 - 3 days prior to each week's drop, Palace Drop Community will update the week's full droplist items. Which could sometimes contain special items which are not in the official Range. You can check them on the Droplist page.
When do items restock
Webshop restocks are random and not predictable. Sometimes restock happens within a few hours of a new drop, sometimes after a few days. Always keep an eye on the UK Restock, US Restocks, or JP Restocks page.
Which item has the most resell value?
We are not giving out tips for this matter and will abstain from this topic. Resell prices mostly depend on hype, stock and demand of an item. You can check the voting results as a referral, but don't take it for granted.

You are welcome to DM us on @palace_drop Instagram for advices.
Which color is the best to cop?
It's really case by case and depending on your personal style. We currently offer color voting on most items so that you can see what color people like the most for every item.
How do Palace clothings fit?
Some people said it usually runs a little bit smaller than other brands. If you wear Small in other brands, you might consider a Medium Palace clothing.
Beginner's FAQs
What does cop mean?
"Cop" means purchasing an item.
How can I cop a Palace item?
You can either purchase online or in a physical store. For online drops, it's usually 11:00 AM GMT/EST Friday for UK/US, or 11:00 AM JST Saturday in Japan. Sometimes most hyped item can sellout within seconds, so be prepared.
Do I need a bot?
If you ar purchasing Palace for the first time, I would try manual first. Most bots are not free, so I would only buy a bot if I really need to secure a certain item, or you are a serious buyer.
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